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Version 8.1 release on 9/18/2008. Many enhanced features are added. IE 8 bata2 support is added.


What's IE Picture Downloader?

IE Picture Downloader is designed to help you save multiple web pictures easily and quickly. When you see some favorites pictures on a web page, you can launch IE Picture Downloader by click one icon on IE toolbar, then the pictures you want will appear in IE Picture Downloader's main window. You can re-select them or just click the Save button, and then all pictures will be saved into the directory which you set beforehand.

IE Picture Downloader is an easy-to-use tool for downloading multiple pictures from webs. When saving images with IE, you have to save each image separately, that is to say if you want to save 20 pictures you have to repeat the whole process 20 times. Yet, alternately, you can save the whole web page and all pictures on the web page will be saved in a folder. But if you look up the folder, some images like the website's logo, advertisement pictures are there too. So you have to choose the desired pictures and move them to another folder again. Now with IE Picture Downloader, things change a lot.

IE Picture Downloader can help you with these and more

  1. Download pictures you want to save. With IE Picture Downloader, you can get pictures you want easily. When you see pictures which you are interested in, you can just launch IE Picture Downloader, and then all pictures will be presented together in front of your eyes. You can reselect or deselect some of them by clicking on the pictures. 
  2. Save pictures quickly and easily. Just click the 'Save' button, all pictures you want will be saved to the local disk.
  3. Download big pictures following small pictures' link.

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Examplesgo top

Now, you can have IE Picture Downloader ready for you any time when you run IE.
Let we visit a web site  so that we can have some impressions on this software.

Exmaple one:
URL:  http://photo.net/gallery/photocritique/filter

Please visit the URL , then launch IE picture downloader.  
Check  whether you have got  some picutures. If not , try check the following value:
Width  is  120  and  Height is 120 and   lower limit . The thumbnail option is checked.

Now,you can click Save once and saves all the pictures.

Maybe you asked, can I get all the big pictures through thumbnails? 
Yes, you can.  Please click flowing 
 Enhanced -> Get pictures from multipage->picture links are webpage URLs->Get.

step 1:

step 2:

step 3:

Practice  One:
URL: http://photo.net/photodb/member-photos?user_id=2295517
Get 20 small pictures first, then get the big photos of them.

Example 2:
How to get slideshow pictures:
example URL: http://www.slide.com/r/lKwnqJ_Gxz_oVlOhKiCZqYjr55Q2A87y

Please click flowing:
Enhanced -> Get pictures from IE Cache ->IE Picture Cache Viewer

step 1: set as following. click List Picture -> Show All

Step 2: Do as the picture below describles.  Now you can save all pictures now.

Practice 2:
URL:  http://www.slide.com/cat

You can visit  other pictures web sites  and try this software too.


Installationgo top

Installing IE Picture Downloader

IE Picture Downloader is distributed with a standard installation package. Just download  the setup executable file and run it.

You can download the setup package here. download

Note:  This software requires IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) 5.5 or above.

 Uninstalling IE Picture Downloader

You could uninstall IE Picture Downloader in Windows' control panel "add or remove software". You can look for IE Picture Downloader in currently installed programs and then click remove to uninstall.

Quick Startgo top

OK, install IE Picture Downloader at first.

How to launch IE Picture Downloader from IE toolbar ?  

For IE 7.0, please act as  following:

1.Please Open IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer). You should see an icon   on the IE toolbar.

If there isn't, please do following:

a) From IE toolbar band, click Tools ->Toolbars -> Customize....

Then add IE Picture Downloader toolbar button to current toolbar buttons.

After adding, click close.

b) From IE menu, Tools -> Manage Add-ons -> Enable or Disable Add-ons

Make sure IE Picture Downloader add-ons is Enabled and is among add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer group. Just following step 1 - 2 - 3 - 4  below.

c) You should close Internet Explorer and restart IE to make all change to  take effect. You should see an icon   on the IE toolbar. 


For IE under 7.0 (5.5 , 6.0 etc) , please act as following:
1.Please Open IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer). You should find an icon   on the IE toolbar.

If there isn't, please do following:

a) From IE menu, View->Toolbars->Customize

b) Choose IE Picture Downloader from available toolbar buttons, and then click 'add->' .

Make sure IE Picture Downloader button is in Current toolbar buttons. Then click 'Close'

c) For Windows XP pack 2 operating system, open Internet Explorer , on the Tools menu, click Manage Add-ons.

In the Show box, click the set of add-ons that you want to see. Make sure IE Picture Downloader is enabled.

d) By clicking the toolbar button, you can launch IE Picture Downloader. 

Hints and Tipsgo top

1.One Instance: You can only run one instance of this program since version 4.3. Each time you click the icon on IE toolbar,  IE Picture Downloader will be launched or appears on the front of current IE window if it already runs.  So whenever you "miss" IE Picture Downloader, click the icon . If the program run already, the program window will bring to front . It's  convenient .

2.Which IE window is the target? IE Picture Downloader only get pictures from the top-most IE window, i.e., if there are several IE  windows, the  IE window which is just behind IE Picture Downloader will be the target. 

3.Which web page is the target?

For IE 7.0 or above,  each time you want to get pictures from one web page tab , click the  tab and make it become current tab, then  launch  IE Picture Downloader. You can check merge if you want to Get several web pages' pictures together and click Save only one time.

For IE 6.0, 5.5 etc, each time you want to get pictures from one web page, click the web page window's caption bar and bring the web page window in front of the screen,  then  launch  IE Picture Downloader. You can check merge if you want to Get several web pages' pictures together and click Save only one time.

4.Where is the pictures I have saved?   After saving pictures, you can open the picture folder to see what have been saved, see open picture folder. The file with .htm extension contain pictures information and your comments. 

FAQsgo top

Q: Why do pictures do not display correctly? 
If  the pictures display correctly  on theire origin web page  and  they do not display correctly  on IE picture downloader ,  please try following: 

1) Please check the value of picture width  and height filter condiction. 
2)Click "picture invisible?" and click "Get" agian.

Q: How can I report bugs?
Please e-mail us any errors for continual IE Picture Downloader improvement and refinement. 
In your mail please specify:
* The windows version
* The IE version
* The IE Picture Downloader  version you are using.
* The URL of web page the IE Picture Downloader is used.
* An error description
A screen shot image attached will be appreciated. Thanks for your support.
Mail to us:

I have some ideas...
Yes, if you have some ideas and want we to turn them into realities, please fell free to drop us a line.

How can I get technical support?
Please visit http://forusoftware.com/support.htm.
We are ready to help our software users. 
For registered users, email support is also available.

How can I contact with forusoftware?
Please visit http://forusoftware.com/support.htm. Feel free to contact us. 

Error handling
Fell free to report an error

Purchase/Registrationgo top

IE Picture Downloader is a shareware. Before paying a license fee, you can evaluate it for 30 days.

A full registration will give you the following benefits:

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Document date: Sep 8th, 2008
Document version: 8.0
The latest version of this document  is available at http://www.forusoftware.com/help/ie_picture_downloader.htm